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Working with senses


Hear, smell, see, touch, feel


The senses of our dogs are many-faceted and highly developed. In these courses we explore these and provide effective tools for acquiring new skills and abilities, nurturing existing ones and awakening dormant ones.

  • Maximum no. of participents: 4 dogs

  • Together we solve a wide variety of tasks

  • Discover all the senses with seeking tasks and bodywork

  • Through action and reaction, we discover more about the world from the dog's perspective

  • Learn more and more about your dog's personality

  • A "Getting to know You" session is a requirement for new clients

Social Walks


More than just a walk

Let's go for a guided walk together as a group - and get an exciting "dog's eye view" of the world on the way. Get to know the skills and abilities of your dog even better and learn to further nurture those skills. We will support you and your dog in advanced leash skills and in fostering good ettiquette in social interaction. Experience the art of the relaxed dog-walk and do something good for your soul - and your dog's.


  • Maximum no. of participants: 5 dogs

  • Introduction and development of advanced leash skills

  • Social contacts and "Netiquette"

  • Discover great places

  • Explore cities on the "Manhattan Tour"

  • And more

  • A "Getting to know You" session is a requirement for new clients

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