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Unsere Geschichte

A bit of our history

A bit of our history


The Fröscher dog school was founded in 1979.

It was the first dog school in the Basel region to develop and practice a non-violent method of upbringing. At that time there were no official dog training courses as they are now carried out in various dog sports clubs and other dog schools.

Now the next generation: Heidi Wood, daughter of Heinz and Eli Fröscher, is continuing to run the Fröscher dog school together with Mike Ford. Building on the already non-violent method, the two go into depth with a pedagogical approach. At this point we would like to thank Eli and Heinz for their work!

The Fröscher dog school has been located near the Muttenz BL train station since 1982 and covers an area of approx. 1600 m2, which borders the Hardwald. You can reach us by train, bus or tram and a short walk. There is enough parking space for cars.

A cozy lounge is available to our guests as soon as Covid let's us use it. There is various dog sports equipment throughout the fenced practice area.

Über uns



Double the cast = double the quality:

If circumstances allow, we prefer to work together. The way in which our talents and our experiences complement each other noticeably increases the quality of our teaching.

Heidi Wood (Fröscher)

Behavioural specialist

Heidi was practically born in her parents' dog school.


In 2008 she successfully completed her apprenticeship as a federally certified animal caretaker.

After several years with other institutions, she entered her parents' business, The Fröscher Dog School.

In 2011, she began studying in Maienfeld through Sheila Harper, gaining her IDBTS qualification in 2013.

Heidi returned to Maienfeld in 2019 for further study, and will be engaged in further qualifications and advanced training in the near future.



Mike Ford

Behavioural specialist

In 2008, Mike successfully completed his apprenticeship as a federally certified animal caretaker.

Following 15 years' working with various kinds of animals and a great deal of professional and personal experience working with dogs, he qualified as a trainer in 2019, in Maienfeld, with NF Footstep.

in 2018, he joined The Fröscher Dog School.

Mike will be engaged in further qualifications and advanced training in the near future.

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