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Protection concept «Covid-19»

We are pleased that we can accompany you again. The reinstatement of the lessons is linked to conditions. Failure to comply can lead to the closure of the dog school. For this reason we urgently ask you to adhere to the following points.



























Greeting / conclusion and accompaniment -> distance is the most important thing!

  • Even if it is unfamiliar: we greet and bid you farewell at a safe distance 

  • We will accompany you with a little more distance than normal. If we explain something to you at the beginning of the lesson or look back at the end of the lesson, we will increase the distances a little more

  • Please make sure that you keep the minimal distance of 1,5m to the other course participants

  • Mindfulness is well known to all of you. We will avoid unnecessary lead contacts with other dogs in the near future to make sure that there are no tanglements

  • If we plan a free-run we will continue to increase the distances

  • Should an intervention be necessary despite the distance, we will be the ones to carry it out. We ask you to keep your distance

  • We are also temporarily unable to offer the coffee or tea at this time

Important information for you:

  • Every dog ​​owner brings their own equipment

  • The dog owners bring their own disinfectant and / or gloves. Disposable gloves should be disposed of, other gloves should be washed after use

  • Of course wearing a mask for your protection is of allowed

  • Please confirm that you have received and read this information before the lesson

  • Without regarding these measures we cannot admit you to the lesson

  • If you feel uncomfortable or sickly, we ask you to stay at home

  • In case of doubt, it's better to do without!

  • For security reasons, our on site premises are temporarily inaccessible

We look forward to the hours with you and your dogs.


Heidi und Mike

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