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Our prices

Before packages or individual services can be booked we need to get to know you. It takes 60 minutes and costs 120.- CHF (on site cash only payment for this first consult) and serves as a base for determining where you are and how we can help you.

You can download our questionnaire with some of the most important questions here:




Send the filled out questionnaire back to us, so we can start with more insight.


  • We hand out packages tailor made to your needs. Simply ask us about it.

Can be booked individually

  • Consultation in Muttenz: 120.- CHF per 60 minutes

  • Online/phone advice: 100 CHF per 60 minutes

  • Home visit: 150 CHF per 60 minutes

  • Lead handling: 100 CHF per 60 minutes (No dogs)

  • SINN group: 40 CHF per lesson

  • SINN for two: 50.- CHF per person, per lesson

  • The dogmuseum: 50.- CHF per person, per lesson

  • Social walk: 40 CHF per lesson

  • Nose work for two: 50.- CHF per lesson

  • Individually guided social walk: 120.- CHF per lesson

  • Behavioural work: price on request (Individual package)

  • Theory evening: price on request (Depends on length)

We reserve the right to make the duration of our lessons and consultations dependent on the condition of your dog.  

The services of the Fröscher dog school only come about with the consent and prior agreement of both parties. You can reach us via the contact form, email, phone, mobile phone and WhatsApp.