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In our line of work we differentiate between education and implementation: Are you looking for knowledge, help, support and more despite corona or other reasons, without having to leave the house?


We have the right program for everyone who feels such a need. Send us an email with the following information:


- Information about yourself and your dog (age, breed, gender, etc ...)

- Topic(s) that interest you

- If available; Videos to those topics or other, which we can discuss together

- Via ZOOM, Skype or WhatsAPP video telephony (also possible via phone call)


You will then receive a response from us with further information. For various reasons we ask you to pay in advance via e-banking. Thank you for your understanding.


We have a broad and deep knowledge, supported by the old wisdom up to the latest scientifically based knowledge about the topic of dogs and their world.


Sample topics:     

  • The most important information for puppies / young dogs / adults / seniors

  • Which games make sense - how do I recognize a good game?     

  • Nose work - what are the options and how do I set them up?     

  • Dominance - theory or fact. What is behind it and how does it affect our everyday life?     

  • Stress in all forms - effects of positive and negative stress. Do we do too much or too little with our dogs and how do we recognize this?     

  • Emotions - which emotions shape and control our dogs?

  • Examples: emotional separation, fear and it's faces, love and how it shows, uncertainty and where it hides

  • Hunting - what is hunting behaviour and how can I handle it?     

  • and much more! we are also looking forward to your topics in this insane time

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