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So you've got a puppy and you'd like to give it the best possible start in life?

And you don't want to do anything "the wrong way"?


Here the little ones, with our guidance, get to know their environment and how to interact with it. They make first contact with fellow dogs of all ages.

We discuss house rules, routines, and what puppies need for optimal development. Our goal is well-adjusted, relaxed dogs with independent personalities and palpable "joie de vivre".


  • Practice in dealing with new influences

  • Meeting other dogs

  • Leash skills

  • Theory and the creation of house rules

  • And more

Adolescent Dogs


Is your dog "exhausting", barely responsive to you and full of excess energy?


The teenage years are an exciting, but also challenging, stage on the journey to wisdom. This is when we learn where we have to set tighter limits and where we can foster more free-thinking.



  • Identifying the challenges and how to deal with them

  • The nurturing of inner calmness

  • Adjusting the house rules

  • Development of the "dog-etiquette" in encounters of all kinds

  • And more

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